Post Trade Risk Mitigation
and Information Services

Post Trade Risk and Information Services (PTRI) are critical for reducing operational and system-wide risk throughout the trade lifecycle. As well as providing essential transaction processing, compression and reconciliation services, we work with our customers to successfully identify, neutralise, reconcile and remove risk within their trading portfolios.

ICAP Information Services empowers market participants to make trading decisions with market information across key asset classes.

PTRI highlights

  • £17 million invested in developing new products and enhancing existing services
  • Revenue increased by 7% on a reported basis this year to £245 million
  • $168 trillion in trades were compressed by triReduce last year

This year ICAP’s campaign is focusing on recruiting graduates and interns within our Global Broking and related Infrastructure areas only. Find out more about the transformation process we are currently undergoing and the future of our PTRI businesses here.

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and Information Services