Electronic Markets

Today’s high-volume, liquid markets present a growing need for fast and efficient automated trading solutions.

ICAP offers access to multiple execution options and diverse, valuable liquidity via EBS BrokerTec – our leading electronic trading business in electronic foreign exchange (FX) and fixed income.

EBS BrokerTec’s award-winning electronic trading platforms offer efficient and effective trading venues to a global community of professional traders across a range of instruments including spot FX, US Treasuries, European government bonds and EU and US repo.

Electronic Markets highlights

  • More than 50 countries currently use ICAP’s electronic trading systems
  • Volume through EBS BrokerTec’s eFix Matching solution has increased by 260% year on year, with over $1 billion matched each day
  • Spot FX average daily volume reached $20 billion during the final quarter of the 2016 financial year

This year ICAP’s campaign is focusing on recruiting graduates and interns within our Global Broking and related Infrastructure areas only. Find out more about the transformation process we are currently undergoing and the future of our Electronic Markets businesses here.

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